Bach in Winter

Back and forth say the hands, one against the other.  Swing the notes like censers.  Cold and dark and wind fill the world.  What is human amidst a howling blizzard. …

Christmas Eve

Behold:  love cradled in ice. Moon hidden, an afterglow on snow.  A traveler in these fields could miss it.  Space tolls its bell.  He goes outside to look. He is …

City Park, Night

The ice hisses like hot iron plunged in water.  Listen to the skate blades on the surface. Speed has sound.  Stars heft. We carry them in our bodies.


The radio turns itself on. The world is awake and listening. The world sets its heart in motion. Listen to the day beat.  Turn your head away from dark. See …


Hoch Deutsch all the way. Look, dear heart.  There are gothic spires covered in snow. I never liked this century. This is before Nazis. Maybe it will turn out fine.


The kingdom of the body is empty. Words scattering like milkweed. The quiet waiting of animals. Heart beats on, counting its strokes. The timing chain winds.