From:  The world

To:  Notification


From:  Night train to wisdom

To:  B.A. awarded to sensory data


From:  Mackinac Island covered with rain

To   Voice, always voice


From:  Winter is upon us

To:  and I haven’t finished the chores


From:  The world as we know it

To:  VJ Day plus 3:  my birthday


From:  Housecleaning

To:  Only three of you left on duty before death


From:  Equinox

To:  All forms of time being abstractions


From:  Hey hey whaddya say, someone take that ball away

To:  Ginny Price who sat next to me on the bleachers during the Ellet game


From:  John

To:  My brother


From:  Whatever is left of the nuclear family

To:  Let us keep silence


From:  Earth

To:  Beam me up, God


From:  After all is said and done

To:  Then some


From:  Magical Mystery Tour, day one

To:   She was only a telegrapher’s daughter


From:  See it through to the end

To:  Here’s a quarter, go call somebody who gives a shit


From:  You slay me lover, every time

To:  I could go for you, here’s a Mound’s bar


From:  tenderness

To:  I exist