Let Your Weird Light Shine, Mr. Mann

Comrades!  Let us hew some wood

and carry some water.  Nobody

knows the trouble a body has seen.

That woman’s hips could spin

a circle around your life.

It’s on the jukebox so it must

be real.  Friday night we never

think one thing about cotton.

Wind a ribbon through your hair,

you have long gray locks,

you don’t care who knows it.

Someone surely wants to touch it.

Your mother can’t see your face

anymore so she won’t be troubled.

That other guy is a torch-

haunted dowser.  He can find

water anywhere.  What is

the impulse to blow sound

past your lips?  The pen moves

through the silk of the page.

Blue on white quoth the voice

the next day.  In U. S. history

Washington refused to be King.

He returned to his farm

and freed his slaves.  We heard

his wife was pissed.  Can’t confirm

that story.  Never met the woman.