Text Me When You’re Done, World

Acceptable in thy sight

could mean anyone.

I am transforming.  Watch

that dog on the corner

with the luscious coat of rust.

It could be me.

A crow screeching murder

at all his friends.

A three-ring circus.

Looks can deceive.

Sun, it rises every day.

Hearing is going

but I can still smell

the rose lance-petals

of beloved fireweed.

Fire sweeps over the land.

Terror comes every night.

The seas could boil

any time.  You can have

your global warming.

I am on my feet.  I am

walking each second of life.

10,000 steps a day

are not too many but

who’s counting.  Don’t

forget to tie your shoes.

Put on your good hat.

This jacket has an orange X.

You never know who

will be watching.