“Tell All the Truth But”

sell sell sell

get those products out front


players of Pocket Pool, unite!

you have nothing to lose but


3 million you heard me

are you deaf?


here we sit with our thumbs up


in war there will be some casualties

who cares if they are a bunch of bleeding


our thumbs are up our

well OK then keep them out


what wall something there is that

gonna distract ’em hahahaha


all the land out there just waiting

who cares if the Sioux


so frack the water

there will be fewer people anyway


all those reporters sitting there

something about a stench


brown stay down I can

touch them anywhere


actually do not read

my butler does that


WTF why are you talking

about Lincoln the Civil War is dead


thumbs up who was that

German woman so take the phone


why is that flag upside down

Veterans of what?


I can do anything here I sit

not who you know but who you


raise your hand if

you are a Nazi