Mr. Mann Encounters List of Don’t

Don’t build fires on the beach.  Don’t

swim while impaired.  Don’t cook food.

Don’t say anything at all to the seagulls.

Don’t forget to call your mother.

Don’t tempt fate.  Don’t disrobe.

Don’t engage in sexual innuendo,

it could lead to the bad.  Don’t drink

alcohol.  Don’t fiddle.  Don’t fail

to improve the time.   Don’t spit.

Try not to smoke.  Don’t forget

to use sun block.  Don’t rub that

girl’s back.  Don’t put your hands

inside your trunks.  Don’t swim

in the absence of lifeguards.  Don’t

do your business.  Don’t bring

pets.  Don’t translate the wind.

Don’t feather your nest.  Don’t

snap your towel.  Don’t say love me.

Don’t do crystal.  Don’t ever die.